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Brown's Drywall Repair Co. Services

Drywall Installation

Whether you call it drywall, gypsum board, or sheetrock isn’t important. What is important is hiring a professional company that knows how to properly install it. Poorly installed drywall may mean extensive and expensive repairs later down the road. Save yourself the headache and the money and go with the drywall experts at Brown's Drywall Repair Co.. We have provided Spartanburg and the surrounding areas with quality drywall installation for many years. If you are planning a new construction project in Spartanburg, you’re going to need drywall and you’re going to need someone to properly install it. Look no further than Brown's Drywall Repair Co.!Read More

Drywall Repair

Most of us don’t spend a great deal of time thinking about drywall, and why would we? It isn’t exactly the most interesting thing in the world. But when there’s a dent or hole in your drywall, it can be difficult to think of anything else. Any amount of damage, no matter how small, can become an unwanted focal point in a room. Brown's Drywall Repair Co. is here to change that. As a leading drywall company in Spartanburg, we can restore the look of your drywall and put your mind to rest.Read More

Fiberglass Insulation

Are you building a home in Spartanburg? If so, you have a lot of choices ahead of you. You may have already decided on what type of flooring and siding materials you’ll be using, and what the layout will look like, but there’s another decision you will need to make – one that you may have not given much thought to. What type of thermal insulation will be placed in your home’s walls? Insulation is arguably one of the most important components in your home and is not a decision you should make lightly. If you are wondering about what type of insulation is the best choice for your home, you may want to consider fiberglass insulation.Read More

Trim and Molding

Baseboard molding is something most people don’t consciously notice when they walk into a room, but (much like window trim, door frames, and crown molding) it can have a huge effect on a person’s impression of a space. A room with no trim or molding – or worse, poorly chosen trim or molding – can make a room feel sterile, cluttered, messy, or claustrophobic. However, professionally designed and installed window trim, door frames, and molding can be the little extra that takes your home from ordinary to extraordinary.Read More

Sheetrock Repair

Has your sheetrock sustained damage? Are there cracks or dents covering it? Blemishes you want to get rid of? Do you need a sheetrock repair contractor who can help fix these issues? Then contact Brown's Drywall Repair Co.. Whether you have cracked sheetrock, sheetrock that's been damaged by water, or are facing other issues, they can fix the issue and make your sheetrock as good as new. If you're in the Spartanburg, SC area, then call today.Read More

Ceiling Restoration & Repair

Has your ceiling been damaged? Is it an older ceiling and needs to be restored? Then contact the experts at Brown's Drywall Repair Co.. They can provide ceiling restoration and repair services to the Simpsonville, SC area. Trust them when you need assistance from an expert ceiling contractor.Read More